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Keratin eyelash lift with Tint $89

The eyelash Lift is a new innovative way to perm your natural lashes with a dramatic gorgeous curl that lasts 6~8 weeks.

  • Curl your natural eyelashes with a dramatic curl
  • Procedure takes approximately 45~60 minutes
  • Lasts 6~8 weeks
  • Never use an eyelash curler again 
  • Get ready in the morning faster
  • No after care needed
  • Wear in the pool, shower and spa


Extension Lashes


Classic Extension Lashes $89

Using Mink hair extension single lashes places on your eyelashes one at a time.

 Eliminate the need to wear mascara.

 Eyelash extensions are designed to be a longer-lasting solution to beautifying your natural lashes.   But not all are good candidate to get eyelash extension.

*Extension lashes may not good for you if you have:

Allergy from glue or sensitive eyes

Rubbing your eyes constantly

Please contact us for more information.

*Patch test is recommended 24~48 hours prior to your appointment.


To maintain the fullest look.

2 Weeks Fill $49

3 Weeks Fill $59

BRow Extension


Eyebrows Extension $79 up

Great for special occasion or for over plucked or with gap eyebrows to make it look fuller.

 Extension place on to your natural eyebrow or skin to fill the gap.

It takes one to two hours depends on how much extension to apply. 

Extension applied on to your brow stay up to 2 weeks. 

Extension Applied on to your skin stay up to one week.

 Between 2~3 weeks maintenance is recommended to keep it look fuller.

Include brow tint & shape.